CTF Urban Brook  Map Development (Soruce Engine)  Fall 2015

If you have a WebGL compatible browser, you can explore an interactive panorama of the map by clicking the button.

ctf_urbanBrook, is a map for I created for the game Team Fortress 2.

I started it in the "The 2015 72hr Winter Special!" contest that was hosted by TF2Maps.net Link After the contest, I left it alone till July where I spent the next few months completely overhaulling the map, both layout wise, and visually.

Further information can be found on my steam workshop page, located here Link

Generantis  Game Artwork  Spring 2015

Generantis is an (unfinished) indie game I worked on with Ian Feldschneider. Ian started developemnt on the project and some time in 2013/2014 and later brought me on as an artist to make things look respectable before the MADG Expo in spring 2014. [stuff about the development] Around winter 2014/Spring 2015 I got back on board with the project to do a finer art pass for the 2015 MAGD expo (in which the game won the best-of-show award.)

Ian's Page http://chromewing.weebly.com/portfolio.html
The offical page (maintained by Ian with lots of outdated screenshots) http://generantis.weebly.com/

Ambüre  Game/Engine Development C++  Ongoing

Ambüre - the World of Broken Skies, is my attempt at building an independent game in c++ with the SFML library for graphics. What started as a simple hammerwatch esc top down advenure game, turned into a crazy rollercoaster of engine development. I'm right on the verge of finishing several diffrent aspects of this project and I will update this post when I have something more polished to show. And yes, ing screenshot 2 I am editing a sprite in-game while the game is running.

Other Projects / Experiments

I am always experimenting with new things, here are some of my more interesting projects.

Caliber  Game Development (Unity Engine) Fall 2015


Tracked  Game Development (Processing/Gamejam) 2014 ... I think


Generantis Character Animator  Tools and System Development (Processing) Summer 2012


Rantis Script  Programming (Processing) Summer 2012

also TODO