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This is a small page dedicated to my TF2 mapping experiments. All of my work can also be found on my page. Many of these maps are not complete because mapping is a side hobby of mine, and other projects often take priority over working on a map. Thus I only complete a map when I feel that I have something truly special.

(These maps are sorted by how much I like them, rather than completion date)

Link to my TF2 maps page where you can find downloads, along with more information and community feedback.


Now this map, is on my portfolio, it is the only map that I have fully detailed to completion. Urbanbrook is a mid-size ctf map designed for close range combat, and frantic battles. The intel room has numerous entrances and exits making defending the flag a challenge.

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This map is also on my portfolio even though it is a work in progress. cp_mist is a 5cp map with a couple twists that help it stand out from the other maps already out there. I created this for a competitive mapping contest and am currently awaiting the feedback from the judges. Theme wise I took the opportunity to use the new jungle assets that were added into the game last year, as well as making a few of my own props to tie the whole thing together.

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This is the map I made for the recent TF2 maps 72 hour contest. The entire thing was built within 72 hours. This CTF map shakes up the formula by having a series of chokes in the mid point rather than an open playspace.

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After playing a fair amount of TF2's official competitive mode, I deduced that cp_gorge a linear, 2cp AD map format, is the best way to go. Seeing as there is a shortage of this specific map type in the community, I started work on one. cp_deepwoods is still in the gameplay-development stages so its not very pretty yet, but the gameplay is being improved with every update.

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This map is near the end of the gameplay-development stages. Its designed for the Mannpower ctf gamemode, of which there are not very many maps for. Development has been rather slow due to complications with testing the map out on the test servers. I plan to detail this map with a Jungle theme in anticipation for the TF2 jungle update.

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